For The Period From January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020

                Deaths:  Nicholas T. Russo 
                               Yvon R. Lamontagne

                                Peter S. Caloir

                                Suzanne (Honey) Metzbower

                                Jean E. Baddorf

Joy Dehan

Mary Louise Repak



Title Description

1_Seawall Pictures The Start of the project. Materials, equipment and work area.
Clubhouse Rental Rules rules for rental of the clubhouse for an exclusive event
HOA Living Association Living - You get what you give
How To Find The Engineers Scope Of Work
Inspection Of records Rule 2016 Inspection Of Records and Copying Rule
Internet Access - Clubhouse and Pool Area
Property Site Map - Sugar Sands Site Map Sugar Sands
Renters Insurance explains what it is and why it is needed
Roof Drainage Report BMI 2014 Roof Drainage Report Buildings 1170 and 1250
Roof Drainage Report Hosford
Secure Your Bike With The Right Lock A study was done on a number of security locks and chains for bikes and here are the results.

Sugar Sands Condominium Association, Inc.
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